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Coldingham Hall History

Coldingham Hall History


History of the Hall.

Coldingham Public Hall was built in the early 1870’s as a drill hall for the 1st Berwickshire Artillery Volunteers.

From day one the good people of Coldingham made social use of the drill hall with dances, magic lantern shows and visiting theatre and variety troupes as photographed by John Wood in 1908 when Millers Grand Variety Company played Coldingham Drill Hall.

Such community use prevailed through both world wars, even during the second world war when the hall was used as a factory for war work (textiles), the tables were cleared when the community felt the need to dance, have a show or run whist drives.

Governance of the hall passed to a board of Trustees in 1969.


The objectives of the trust were to provide a building for the purposes of “physical and mental training and recreation and social, moral and intellectual development”. This object was to be achieved through the medium of “reading and recreation rooms, library, lectures classes recreation or otherwise” and without distinction of sex or of political, religious or other opinions”.

Day to day management of the hall rests with a committee elected from inhabitants of the village. 

This committee draws for part of its membership on organisations within the village, which make use of the hall.

 Since 1969 the trustees have taken responsibility for ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of the hall. Major items of expenditure have included roof repairs and the fitting of an electric heating system to replace a coal fired boiler.



Coldingham Hall History