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Coldingham Hall Refurbishment

Coldingham Hall Refurbishment


Plans for the refurbishment of Coldingham Public Hall include the following:

Items shown underlined were the subject of the Big Lottery Fund Peoples Millions Voting CompetitionThanks to everyone who voted.

Suspension Truss and Curtaining - To ensure maximum flexibility for the stage area all flats, curtains and lights are suspended from a metal theatrical truss system suspended from the ceiling at the height of the eves. Curtains and their support tracks are mounted at the front, mid, rear and sides of the suspension truss.

Sound and Lighting - A production lighting system is provided within the hall to include an appropriate control system, dimmers, bars, circuits and lights. The operation system chosen for the lighting will require a level of expertise which can be obtained with a minimum of training. A sound system is provided in the hall which meets basic requirements.

Stage and Tables - A modular stage system allows stages to be erected at different heights and in different configurations.

Seating - Ten rows of raked telescopic seating are fitted. Fully extended this seating occupies 9.3 metres depth and when fully collapsed will compress into a space of approximately 1.225 metres. The seating operates by an electric motor. The seating will extend from the front of the production box to the floor divided by a central aisle. A further 2 rows of seats can be added at floor level.

Film - The provision of a 5 metre retractable projection screen along with a "bomb bay" ceiling mounted projector enables films to be shown through the DVD / VHS unit installed in the production room. Laptop connections into the projection system are installed in both the performance space and tech box to support conference or workshops.


Refurbishment of the roof - A physical survey of the hall established the need for major roof repairs. These repairs involved stripping the roof, new sarking, re-felting and re-slating.

Insulation - All windows in the hall have been replaced with double glazed sash and case units, which meet planning, conservation and architectural requirements for a Grade Cs listed building. A suspended ceiling with insulation has been installed above the main wooden roof trusses in the ceiling. These trusses, which are a recognised architectural feature of the hall, have remained visible from below.

Heating - Radiant ceiling panels have been installed to provide the primary source of heating for the hall together with slow ceiling mounted fans which will ensure even distribution of heat by convection.

Kitchen - The kitchen will be fitted with worktops, sinks, wall units and a cooker, meeting required health and hygiene standards for hot and cold food production catering.

Functions - Coldingham Hall is now a pleasant, multi purpose community space. Able to change its persona to facilitate weddings, dances, parties, keep fit and sports groups, yet with the push of a few buttons it becomes one of the leading theatre and cinema venues within the Scottish Borders.



Refurbishment of Coldingham Hall