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Coldingham Web Site Information

Future of this web site.

I'm retiring from business before the end of the year, 2021, and need an expert to take over the village web site. Site will go offline at the end of August 2021.

What you will need assuming you run the site in its current format (probably not a definitive list):

  1. A Domain Registrar account to manage the domain name.
  2. A hosting account, currently using 3,5Gb of disk space.
  3. A working knowledge of WHM/cPanel.
  4. The ability to create and edit HTML, CSS, Javascript SSI and PHP scripting.
  5. A sales platform for selling hall event tickets. Current platform is not tranferable due to license restrictions.
  6. A form processor for contact forms, both site and advertisers. Current platform is not transferable.
  7. A means to collect payments from existing business advertisers.
  8. Funds to pay for the above, hosting, domains, software licensing.
  9. Ability to manage Trip Advisor listings for village attractions.
  10. Web Development software.


In the first instance you should express an interest via email explaining why you are the right candidate to info @ or you can call for a chat weekdays between 11am and 3pm.

Important Notes:

I cannot provide any support once handover is completed.

Not everything you see on present site can be transferred to new hosting.

Site will not import into WordPress or any of the online website builders.

No community financial support other than what you generate through advertising.

If a suitable candidate is not forthcoming site will go offline at the end of August 2021.


Web Site Info


The Coldingham web site was designed, built and is maintained by Mike Clift. Hosting is provided by Mandarin Business Solutions, a Coldingham based business. Cloud based web hosting is provided on 100% Solid State drives with the primary UK server located in our Bedfordshire hosting facilily. The home page loads in less than 1 second when tested from our London based test server.

It has been built using the CSS Flex Box Framework making it 100% responsive over all mobile devices and desktop computers.

There are many links to external web sites and whilst we check these regularly we cannot be responsible for the content of any of these sites.

We welcome ideas and suggestions for further content, please contact the Web Team with your thoughts.


Web Site Funding


The Coldingham web site has been maintained and edited by me since July 2007.

Average monthly visits in 2007 were about 800 visitors per month. The site had around 15 pages.

Average monthly visitors now (January 2020) stands at between 10,000 and 17,000 per month and today there are almost 400 pages of information, several hundred images, many videos and panoramic images plus online ticket sales for Village Hall events.

I have also added, and manage, Coldingham Bay, Coldingham Priory and Coldingham Luckenbooth on Trip Advisor where the Bay has been rated the second best attraction in the Scottish Borders.

As traffic and content has increased running costs for hosting has increased. In June 2013 I approached local businesses who were advertising on the site for assistance with running costs. Out of 30 local (free) advertisers at that time only 4 chose to support the site with a small annual donation.

All other Coldingham businesses chose not to support the community web site.

In 2014 the Village Hall committee agreed to make an annual payment to help cover costs.

I also had discussions with Coldingham Community Council and the Coldingham Society. Both chose not to offer any support for the village web site.

 Commercial advertising will therefore be a feature on most pages.

Grateful thanks to the following:

Colania Lodges
Coldingham Village Hall
Heatherlea Holiday Cottage
Coldingham Loch Fishing and Holiday Lets
Press Mains Farm Cottages Self Catering
Mike Clift
Cormorant Cottage Self Catering
Chaldon Self Catering
Hawthorn and Hollyview Self Catering
Old Bakery Antiques

This web page was last updated on 31 March 2021.

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