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Coldingham Neighbours

There are many villages around East Berwickshire. Here we list the web sites we could find.

St Abbs - our closest neighbour. Pass through Coldingham and follow the St Abbs Road or if feeling a bit more energetic walk the Creel Path.Top Ten diving destination.
Update 2/17 - Site does not seem to be updated.

Eyemouth - just 3 miles away along the A1107. Active Harbour and bustling town centre. Lots of info about the town.

Ayton - small village just the other side of the A1.

Burnmouth - Small coastal village just south of Coldingham. The first cillage in Scotland as you enter on the A1.
Update 2/17 - Web Site offline.

Cockburnspath - at the north end of Coldingham Moor.
Update 2/17 - Web Site offline.