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Coldingham Hall Events

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Coldingham Hall Events



Hope in a Broken World

22 February 2019 - 7.30pm - 10.00pm

A presentation and discussion by one of Sea the Change's most valued ambassadors, Richard Bond. Richard is a Geographer, Agricultural Engineer, Socio-Economist and a Chartered Environmentalist. He has over 45 years’ experience in International development projects in Africa and South Asia and is a former Research Fellow of the Global Development Institute of the University of Manchester. 

This is a radical personal reflection on the state of the world after a career in international development as practitioner and academic. Unusually it is interspersed with Richard’s poetry summarising the reflections. It was prepared for and given to the Berwick branch of Amnesty International for their anniversary celebrations. Main sections analysing the problems are;
• Extreme Inequality
o Inequality rather than absolute poverty is the problem
o A brief history of anti-poverty strategies I have been involved with
• The environmental crisis
o Some basic ecology
o Climate change effects
• The underlying cause; our economic system
o The connections between the above issues and our economic system
o Growth, power, efficiency and what is wrong
o What can we do?


Faulty Dining

Saturday 6 April 2019 7.00pm for 7.30pm

Dragonfly Theatre's Faulty Dining shows sold out in Peebles last November, so we’re touring the Borders in Spring 2019 offering an evening of chaotic dining, indigestion and entertainment. Enjoy being insulted by Basil and Sybil as you enter the splendidly appointed dining facilities being made available to you at each venue.  Meet other long standing suffering guests who foolishly submit themselves to the ministrations of the Borders’ most patronising hoteliers. 

Your £15 ticket price includes a delicious two course meal (hearty soups and breads followed by a selection of delicious, calorific desserts) and coffee/tea together with entertainment before, during and after your dining experience.
Expect the unexpected - if Manuel is waiting your table, the first course might end up in your lap.  And please check out your plate for
unannounced visitors.  Basil and Manuel will create chaos. Sybil and Polly will attempt to restore order.  But fail.  Badly.  



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Coldingham Hall Events