Coldingham & St Abbs Fuel Club

Coldingham Village CrestColdingham and St Abbs Fuel Club is a local buying group for fuel oil set up to negotiate bulk purchase discounts with the fuel companies. We generally achieve savings of £25 - £35 per 500 litre delivery.

It's free to sign up but you must be resident in Coldingham or St Abbs as it's the small geographic area that allows the fuel companies to offer discounts. If you are outside this area please check with us first before signing up.

How does it work ?

Four times a year we send an email for you to order any oil required - minimum 500 litres per delivery. There's no commitment and you only order if you wish to do so.

You can order oil outside the scheme at any time.

1. Fuel Club email sent and you place order online by the closing date.

2. Fuel club agrees price with oil company and sends an email to those who have placed an order. You will be given a closing date and time for payment.

3. You telephone oil company to make payment by deadline time and date.

Important: If you have not paid by payment deadline your order will be cancelled.
You will have to make independent arrangements for oil delivery.
You will not qualify for discounted club price.

4. Oil delivered to delivery address.

Even More Important: You MUST have an email address to subscribe to the Fuel Club - an email address is required per delivery address - it's not possible to place more than one order with a single email address. If you submit multiple orders on a single email address only the latest will be recorded.

All orders are placed over the internet. Orders cannot be placed by telephone or email.

To join the Fuel Club simply enrol using the link below.

Planned Order Times are as follows: Mid January ~ Early April ~ Early August ~ Early November.

These dates should allow us to cope with seasonal requirements and may be amended at any time.