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Coldingham Remembrance Place

Remembrance Place

Have a look at the attached updated presentation/link.

It is now vital that the presentation is looked at by as many folk as possible as each visit is counted. Now we are getting to a more firmed up proposal we also need as many “LIKES” as possible and also comment if you wish (comments specific to the proposal please) so that we can further demonstrate Community support for the idea. Because of the Pandemic we cannot pull together a public meeting which as you all know would be the normal method of demonstrating support.

There are two sites mentioned in the presentation.

  • The Community Garden has Priory build archaeology below ground and offers little scope for future-proofing.
  • The Abbey Yard Field is showing to have more community support, but has medieval burials in there. By building the ground levels up though, they will not be disturbed and it could be argued that those buried remains (inhumations) will be respected/honoured more than the field being ploughed and trampled by cattle over the past few hundred years.


Dave Jones


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Coldingham Remembrance Memorial