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Coldingham Broadband News

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Coldingham Broadband Latest


The latest news on Broadband roll out in Coldingham.

In October 2017 the Coldingham telephone exchange (next to Doctors Surgery) was upgraded to Superfast Broadband using FFTC technology. FFTC stand for Fibre From The Cabinet and it covers most of the village with speeds up up to 76 Mb download and 20Mb upload. You will see the two green cabinets outside the telephone exchange building. Those are both theoretical speeds so it's unlikely you will actually achieve them. there is also a maximum line length of 1.2 kilometres for this type of broadband.

Outlying parts of the village, and many close bits as well, have to wait for FTTP to be installed, FTTP stand for Fibre To The Premises. Speeds should be similar but the technology allows for a much longer transmission line.

Note: As at November 2018 FTTP street and pole cabling is in place but not yet connected to any properties.


With the introduction of the higher speeds you can now stream 4K into your home (20Mb minimum required) so this is a vast improvement over the older copper system.






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Coldingham Broadband News