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Saving Money with LED Bulbs

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LED Bulbs - the way forward


Let's look at an example of how you can cut your electricity running costs by switching to LED bulbs.

We'll start with a couple of assumptions:

  1. You want to change 10 60W bulbs
  2. You leave the lights on for 2 hours per day
  3. You are paying 15p per kWh

Based on the above your current bulbs will cost just under £6 per month to run.

A 6W LED bulb will provide the same output and based on the same number of bulbs would cost about 60 pence per month.

That's a saving of around £5.40 per month or £64.80 per year. Not too bad.

Purchase 10 "quality" LED bulbs at a cost of £42 and you can see that the cost is covered in about 8 months. After that it's all profit by way of reduced running costs.

Based on a life of 25000 hours for 10 LED bulbs on 2 hours a day that's a life of 3.5 years per bulb or a total saving of around £290 over the same period taking into account bulb purchase prices.

There's plenty of places selling LED bulbs but the best I've come across for quality, warranty and range are from Simply LED

Calculations correct at July 2018


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