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Coldingham Mobile Coverage News

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Coldingham Mobile Coverage News


The latest news on Coldingham mobile phone coverage. Note: If you live in a stone walled building your indoor signal may be affected.


O2 - covers most of the village with a 4G signal. Parts of the lower High Street only pick up 3G and a few areas, Burnhall for example, only seem to get 3G as well. The closest to village O2 transmitter is now on the Alemill Road next to Colania Dene Lodges and has a strong 4G output covering most of the village.

Info: Using a mobile phone app I can pick up an O2 signal from 5 transmitters along West Loch Road (in the fields just past Hill Path).


Vodafone - main transmitter covering village has a 4G signal and comes from the shared transmitter as mentioned above and covers most of the village.


EE - share the mast with 3 but have a 4G signal which covers bottom end of village fairly well but drops off quickly to 3G as you move away. Bogan and School Road seem to get 3G only but travel further out of village and signal rapidly drops.


3 - a fairly good 3G signal from the mast at Lawfield Farm but drops off rapidly as you move further up the village, School Road for example. As at November 2016 3 marked the mast as "low or zero connectivity" pending major works.


Current information as at November 2018.

If you have any newer information please let us know and this page will be updated.


Ofcom have a fairly accurate coverage checker at where you can check every provider on one map.


There are plenty of smartphone apps that will help monitor reception - just have a look at the relevant app store.


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Coldingham Mobile Coverage News