Scottish Borders Council have a draft plan called The Berwickshire Coastal Change Adaption Plan (BCCAP). It reports on what is needed to protect the coastline it is responsible for. The Berwickshire Coastline has been split up into Coastal Management Units of which Coldingham is called CMU5 and St Abbs is CMU6. There are sections of the beach and the coastal path that these two communities share although in the report Coldingham Beach sits only within CMU5.

The £370k given to Scottish Borders Council from the Scottish Government is intended to protect and improve the Berwickshire Coastline. In this plan, it will only be used for residences, businesses and roads that are under threat.

So, we want to form a WORKING GROUP of residents and wider stakeholders who, along with other interested organisations, are willing to work with the council to improve the beach both in the short and long term. We want to have a plan for the beach and coastal paths, raise funds, and seek/obtain grants to 'get the job done' in maintaining and improving this area that we all love.


The Working Group

Will work towards

3 Main Aims

  • ENGAGING with the community to ensure their input and keep them informed
  • DEVELOPING a short- and long-term plan for the repair, restoration, and maintenance of Coldingham beach and the surrounding area
  • SEEKING and SECURING funds to support this work

Members of this Working Group will commit to:

  • LISTENING to what the community wants when making plans and using local knowledge and expertise
  • Making sure that all residents know what is happening by SHARING an easy-to-follow plan
  • PUBLISHING a regular newsletter that tells residents about the plan, what funding has been secured, updates on what will happen next and asks for their views and concerns

Because the Working Group will be made up of volunteers who are not paid for their work, there will not be any costs for salaries or wages (overheads). Any funds (money) the group receives will be used directly for the purpose of maintaining and improving this beautiful place.

It would be wonderful if you could support this idea - please continue


Working Group Support Form


We are looking for your support for the idea of forming a Working Group that ‘gets stuck into the job in hand’ and plays an active role in maintaining and developing Coldingham Bay Beach and the infrastructure that serves this area, including the coastal paths, beach road, toilets and car park. St Abbs shares the beach area and coastal paths in the area, so working together across our communities is important.

We need a Working Group with a wide range of skills and expertise, common sense and a strong commitment to community consultation. Your active involvement would be welcomed! However, even if you prefer not to participate directly at this stage, your support through signature(s) and address or postcode & email is important in highlighting support for the Working Group, and so helping get this up and running.

PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM IF YOU SUPPORT THE IDEA OF A WORKING GROUP and also plese indicate if you are interested in joining the group.

All the information can be found on the form itself, option 2 below. Also explains pick up and drop off points for the form.

If you are happy to complete the form online then its option 1 below

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Coldingham Bay/Beach

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