Coldingham Site Navigation Help


The vast majority of the pages outwith self catering and local businesses can be accessed by the filterable links forms.

Those forms allow to filter your search by category with the results providing a very brief description for each link. Each link, displayed as a card, would previously have required a menu entry or equivalent thereof. Straightforward and intuitive

You also have the Classic Menu option as an alternative means to navigate the site.

The point to remember is that there are multiple ways to navigate to the same page. This page in part will provide more of an insight into this.

Lastly, the images seen here may have been taken from an previous release and as such may be different

help3 Coldingham Links form with community being selected as the category

Selecting historical as the category shows different results

help4 Coldingham Links form with historical as the category

Selecting More on Drone Hill Card takes you to the Drone Hill Page

help5 Drone Hill Page - All the Information you require !!

The link forms can be accessed from a variety of places

The most obvious and easiest is the menu. The link form options are coloured red, Coldingham and Places to Visit.

help9 Coldingham Menu showing the (Links) options

Alternatively you can you select Links and Shortcuts on the home page navigation bar and then make the selection from the Site Navigation card.

help2 The Options on the image cover is another way to navigate to the links forms. Simply an alternative to the menu options, currently in red, see previous iamge.

Self Catering

The self catering form is similar to the links forms but perform a different type of search. The property description is searched to see if it contains the search pattern entered.

help6 Image shows Self Catering cards that have the string 'cot' contained in any part of their description.

As with other parts of this site there a many ways to navigate to the self catering page.

  • The Menu
  • The Home Page Slider
  • Links and Shortcuts
help8 Home page slider showing the Self Catering link option, ie. Read More

The self catering page is basically a 3 part page. A header, description and a collection of images.

help7 Image showing a Self Catering Page.

For those visitors interested in self catering then selecting enquiry will take you a link to make a booking enquiry which may be an internal or external link.

help10 Self Catering Enquiry Link (Note: all links with a pointing arrow open in a new tab)

Following Links through

There is a variety of places in the site that provide optional and alternative navigation options.

We shall follow just one example of this.

help11 Popup Information and links displayed by selecting More Info on the Coldingham In and Around Card on the Self Catering Form.

Following the Preston Mill Link through will take you to the Preston Mill section on the Coldingham Out and About Page. This will be displayed in a new tab as the link has a small arrow on the right indicating this.

help12 Preston Mill Information - Select the link displayed for further details.

In this case Further Details can be found on the National Trust for Scotland website.

help13 National Trust for Scotland - Preston Mill Page with addtional information.

Please remember that external links cannot always be guaranteed to work and will have their own cookies policy. With the National Trust for Scotland Site you can always perform a place search in the link fails. You will also find a link to this website in the Coldingham Days Out Page

Add your Business

Complete the enquiry form with your images and text that describes your business and/or services provided etc. A page will be created with this information.
The page will be added to ther most suitable section on the Coldingham site. Actual sections and links to the page may vary from time to time. Please remember that as this is a free service so do not expect a turnaround service.