Coldingham and St Abbs Fuel Club is a local buying group for fuel oil set up to negotiate bulk purchase discounts with the fuel companies.

We generally achieve savings of £25 - £35 per 500 litre delivery.

It's free to sign up but you must be a resident in Coldingham or St Abbs as it's the small geographic area that allows the fuel companies to offer discounts. If you wish to Sign Up/Register/Enrol please ensure you have read How it Works and the Timetable. If you are outside this area please check with us first before signing up. Please use the enquiry form

How it Works

There are a few simple rules as to how the fuel Club works.

Four times a year we send an email for you to order any oil required - minimum 500 litres per delivery. There's no commitment and you only order if you wish to do so.

You can order oil outside the scheme at any time.

Currently we order late January, early April, early August and early November. These dates should allow us to cope with seasonal requirements and may be amended at any time.

Scheme members must be regular users of e-mail (to receive fuel club communications) and the internet (to place orders). It is not possible to place orders by e-mail or by phone.


  • 1. At the start of each oil buying cycle, subscribed members will receive an e-mail inviting them to order on the online order form if they need oil. If you place an order, you will receive an e-mail confirming the details. The order form will remain available for about a week. If you do not need oil this time, you need take no action.
  • 2. The Fuel club then seeks competitive quotations from the local oil suppliers for our total volume. Typically we seek a quotation for the supply of 30,000 litres to 40 customers in our small area. This is both cost-efficient for the supplier who can therefore offer us a discount, but it also reduces the number of tanker miles which is good for the planet.
  • 3. Members then receive a second e-mail, advising them which company has been successful, and the price negotiated. The club will pass the data which you entered on the club order form to the supplier. Members must then phone the supplier, paying by credit card over the phone. This is your contract, direct with the supplier, not with the fuel club. Payment must be made promptly by the deadline, or you will lose the benefit of the discount.
  • 4. The oil will be delivered to you by the oil company in the usual way.

The fuel club acts solely to negotiate a discounted price with the chosen oil company. Any contract is between you and the oil company exclusively. There is no contract of any kind between you and the fuel club or anyone involved in the running of the fuel club. The fuel club is run by local volunteers, and the club does not handle any money.

The data which members enter on club enrolment and order forms are used solely for the running of the oil club, and will not be passed to any third party other than the chosen supplier.

Future Proposed Order and Delivery Dates

Fuel Club Order Dates (Most Recent Provided)...

Sign up/Enrolment

Remember it's free to sign up for residents of Coldingham and St Abbs. You only have to sign up once. Please ensure you have read How it Works and the Timetable sections.

Sign Up/Register/Enrol

  • Sign Up/Register/Enrol - Confirmation Required !!
  • Sorry but you MUST confirm that you have read the How it Works section and the Timetable section.
  • This is only to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how the fuel club works before signing up.
  • To confirm, just click/tap the square checkbox