Evelyn Simpson (15 December 1855 - 23 January 1920)

Notable Resident, Evelyn Simpson

Evelyn Simpson (15 December 1855 - 23 January 1920)

Evelyn Blantyre Simpson was born in Edinburgh but spent a lot of time in Coldingham, at Bonardub which is still owned today by the Simpson family.

She was actually christened Eve and was the daughter of Sir James Y Simpson who popularised the use of chloroform as an anaesthetic. She was a friend of Robert Louis Stevenson of whom she wrote two biographies, as well as a biography of her father.

Her other published writings included a notable book on the folklore of Scotland. Evelyn Blantyre Simpson died in Edinburgh in 1920 of liver cancer and there is a memorial plaque on the inside of the Priory, commemorating her life "and the happy days she spent in this parish".

Her Published Books

» Nelson and Puck: dogs of other days, Edinburgh: Blackwood & Sons, 1882.
» Sir James Y. Simpson, Edinburgh: Oliphant, Anderson and Ferrier, 1896, ("Famous Scots Series")
» Robert Louis Stevenson's Edinburgh Days, London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1898.
» Robert Louis Stevenson, Edinburgh: T.N. Foulis, 1905.('Spirit of the age series' no. 2).
» Folk lore in lowland Scotland, London: J.M. Dent, 1908.
» The Robert Louis Stevenson Originals, [With illustrations and facsimiles.] London & Edinburgh: T. N. Foulis, 1912.

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