Our mission is to connect communities to coastlines by delivering events, activities and campaigns so we can all enjoy and protect our natural environment.

How we achieve this, then please read on.


FREE Beach Wheelchairs Service

Free Beach Wheelchairs Service at Coldingham Bay

We promote accessibility for people of all ages and physical abilities so that everyone can enjoy the beach.

We have 3 wheelchairs available to book that enable everyone, regardless of age or physical abilities, the opportunity to enjoy the beach.


Greener Berwickshire Network

Coordination of the Greener Berwickshire Network

We encourage small changes in attitudes and behaviour that can lead to more responsible and sustainable lifestyles

Sea the Change are delighted to coordinate the Greener Berwickshire Network - a network of third sector organisations and individuals who share a common goal - to all work together for a greener and more sustainable Berwickshire.


Community & Upcoming Events

We run regular local events and activities to educate and raise awareness of the natural environment and our need to protect it.


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